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Trafalgar Square
one of the famous squares in London, in Westminster, named after the epic victory of Trafalgar over the Napoleon's fleet...
Tower of London
A symbol of England, the oldest building in the historical center of London, which goes 900 years back...
Hyde Park
It has been the favorite venue for rest and entertainment as well as political activity and announcements by Londoners...
Kensignton Palace
A small palace, one of royal palaces in modern London, which has fully preserved the spirit of the Victorian epoch...

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The project GLHL.CO.UK is designed for search and multi-factor comparison (price/quality, level of comfort, location, distance from main sights of seeing, vicinity to transportation hubs and stops, etc.) of hotels and motels in London, United Kingdom.


The prices for single and double/twin accommodation, as indicated on the website GLHL.CO.UK are informational, implying no obligation of our company to provide actual booking of the specific hotel on specific dates and rates. In order to get the final rate at the moment of booking, taking into account possible foreign exchange fluctuations, the corresponding booking page for each hotel must be used.


The discounts that may be announced on a hotel page, are only valid for the time period as specified, and provided that the hotel rooms are booked via the booking link published on such page. The expected discount must be explicitly confirmed in the process of payment for the hotel rooms (while entering the number of credit/debit card or when invoice is provided).

Amenities and services

The amenities, services and facilities, shown on each corresponding hotel page, may be different from what will be actually provided when the booking is materialized and guests are settled in the rooms. The above-mentioned facilities/services are mentioned for your information, to have an idea about the star level and quality of the hotel, without any obligation on the part of GLHL.CO.UK to ensure their availability during check-in.

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