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Trafalgar Square
one of the famous squares in London, in Westminster, named after the epic victory of Trafalgar over the Napoleon's fleet...
Tower of London
A symbol of England, the oldest building in the historical center of London, which goes 900 years back...
Hyde Park
It has been the favorite venue for rest and entertainment as well as political activity and announcements by Londoners...
Kensignton Palace
A small palace, one of royal palaces in modern London, which has fully preserved the spirit of the Victorian epoch...

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Tour in Khiva

Khiva is an ancient city in Uzbekistan, a capital of the Khorezmian Kingdom, and a great place to visit while you are doing your travel in Uzbekistan. Currently, it is a small town near Urgench, the modern capital of the Khorezm Region. But in the old time, Khiva was the center of a Khanate, and it still preserves the grandeur and luxury of the past.
tours in Khiva - Juma Tower

tours in Khiva - Juma Tower

In Khiva, there is a so called Inner City, a fortress sourrounded by a brick-and-clay wall. Inside this fortress all major monuments of Khiva are situated. This place is now a museum in the open, and no local people live here, but tourists in several hotels located inside the inner city.

It can be an exciting experience to walk in Khiva after dark, when there is nobody in the gloomy streets, and imagine how the Khan of Khiva, after busy government day, would hurry to the Harem to visit one of his concubines.

If you are interested in visiting this city, see an online tour of Khiva or request a free tour quote at our Travel Agent Aba Sayyoh.

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